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    "When customers calls, we are able to see their agencies and policy information just after we hang up the phone. Every issue is distributed automatically to departments without backoffice intervention. Using the reports and dashboards provided by Mi4biz, we are able to consider every single opportunity to fix the root reasons, to increase service quality and to improve our overall customer service."

    Özlem Gençaydın Arat
    Complaint Team Administrator
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    "As Weber, we are able to track customer requests and complaints end to end by using Mi4biz process management utilities. With the help of cloud computing architecture, all regional directors in the territory can contribute to the solution process as defined in workflows. Since we are able to customize Mi4biz without any technical support, it makes us agile to adapt our processes to the needs of changing world."

    Tülin SEL
    Marketing Support Manager
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    "Agencies can submit their request via Internet, therefore we do not leave any claim unresolved. Mi4biz provides tools and reports to track SLA's of each type of request. We can also define which documents are necessary for which type of request so that both the agencies and our staff knows the prerequisites."

    Seher Koç
    Claim Management Specialist
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    "We provide broad range of services within the scope of our turnkey projects such as ERP projects, IT infrastructure, field services and automation solutions. The tools and utilities provided by Mi4biz enable us to serve a wide range of type of issues; from hard disk problems to ERP support, from training requests to on site services. All issue resolutions are handled in harmony with inventory management and the related support agreement."

    Gökhan Uzun
    Technical Service Unit Manager
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    "Due to the SaaS model of Mi4biz, we get all benefits of new versions, new updates, new functionalities, free of charge."

    Eda Utku
    Customer Relations Administrator
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    "It is unavoidable for financial institutions to be aligned with local and global regulations. Mi4biz helps us to stay compliant with the standing orders of the regulative institutions and to prepare requested reports. In addition, Mi4biz strictly matches our information security policies."

    Refia Işık Aydın
    Ethics and Customer Manager
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    "As E. Deming said, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”. Mi4biz has reports about all steps of complaint management; from its submission in call center, through its resolution within departments-branches."

    Mehmet Akgün
    Senior Vice President Customer Contact Center Group
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    "Mi4biz captures the issue, identifies the workflow, assigns tasks, tracks the processes, in the case of latency escalates to upper management. All happens according to what we have defined."

    Salih Karabulut
    Service and Customer Experience Manager
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    "Sustainable customer satisfaction is crucial for our maturity targets. By using Mi4biz, more than 1,000 employees collaborate in predefined workflows to resolve customer issues."

    Sevgi Bolel
    Process Development Customer Interaction Center Manager
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    "Using Mi4biz, we convert requests and suggestions of our 600,000 consultants into satisfaction. So that, on a single consolidated platform, we can manage all issues received from different channels."

    Nursel Kölemen
    Customer Relations Supervisor
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    "As an outsource customer service management company, we have to work with trustable business partners that may lead us to success. We are very confident with Mi4biz’s innovative, continuously improving features."

    Orçun Obalar
    Marketing and Sales Manager
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    "With Mi4biz, we defined our customer communication processes then we were granted ISO 10002:2004 certificate in 10 days"

    Serdar Demiroğlu
    IT Security and Quality Manager
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    "Mi4biz enables us to manage the relationships with our citizens at 360°. We are capable to define and track our internal processes. Citizens are informed by email or sms."

    Erdem Zekeriya İskenderoğlu
    IT Manager