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  • We Now have a Notification Management System Owned by a Work Unit

    We've met Özcan Varna, Allianz Group's Turkey Customer Service Group Head, who told us that following their transition to Mi4biz they have a notification management system owned by a work unit, and added that they adapted Mi4biz to new requirements, new ideas and changing legislation without IT ...

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    Customer Testimonials

    Customer Testimonials Satisfied customers leave companies using Mi4biz also satisfied. The requests, demands, complaints and suggestions of millions of consumers are managed with Mi4biz. We have compiled the opinions of some of our customers on Mi4biz. We will also continue sharing the views ...

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    Mi4biz Version 6.3 New Features

    With Mi4biz you can build, and amend, as you like your customized customer services structure. Therefore your software keeps being regularly updated. More over Mi4biz, too, is developing rapidly. Announcement that was made regarding the new features built in the 6.3 version include e-mail ...

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  • As Teknosa We Internalized Mi4biz

    We had a talk with Gökhan Paçalı, Customer Services Manager at Teknosa. We talked about a variety of topics, including why they have chosen the Mi4biz over their current system, what changes Mi4biz has brought to Teknosa, their integration processes and how they keep up with changes without IT ...

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    Should We Do the Coding on Our Own, or Simply Buy the Product Instead?

    Tanol Türkoğlu is a COO who graduated from the Computer Engineering Department at METU. He directs the operations and IT departments at ABank. Previously, he held managerial positions at Yapı Kredi and Şekerbank. Türkoğlu, who is also a columnist at the Science Technical Magazine of the daily ...

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    'How have we achieved a %70 Customer Satisfaction?'

    incir.com, a social e-commerce platform with tens of thousands of shops. We had a talk with Mr. Volan Yılma, Customer Experience Manager, about how they reached a %70 customer satisfaction level on customer complaint sites. What changes has the Mi4biz brought? What has been the reaction from ...

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  • Sustainable Customer Satisfaction at SEDAŞ Electricity Distribution Services

    We had a lively interview with Mr. Orhan Sönmez, Customer Group Manager at Sedaş, where he told us how the Mi4biz allowed them to design separate processes for each subject matter title and define different escalation periods for each process, allowing them to adapt the software to their own ...

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    Customer Experience Management I - Customer Communication Classification Reports

    A more efficient customer service management means more satisfied and even more informed customers. Requests, complaints, suggestions, demands, wishes, in short all customer communications must be viewed as a gift and an opportunity to increase efficiency. Therefore, your customer experience ...

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    Subscribers Turn Into Customers

    A brand-new concept in the energy sector: Customer! In the energy sector, the concept of ‘subscriber’ is being replaced by the concept of ‘customer’. The concept change brings with it a freedom of choice for the customer. The customer can now easily switch to another provider unless they are ...

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