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  • "We had an interview with Mr. Özcan Varna, Group Head of Customer Service, Allianz Group Turkey. Mr. Özcan told us how happy they were as a company to have the Mibiz as their new customer communications management tool which he said they were able adapt to new requirements, new ideas and changing legislation without IT support."

    Özcan Varna
    Group Head of Customer Service, Allianz Group Turkey Interview
  • "We have done an interesting interview with Gökhan Paçalı, Customer Services Manager at Teknosa. The interview covers many topics, including why they have dropped their current systems in favor of the Mi4biz, what changes the software has brought, their integration processes and how they survive n a complex technological landscape without IT support."

    Gökhan Paçalı
    Customer Services Manager Interview
  • "Mi4biz defines the problem; determines the workflow; allocates tasks to the units and the departments; follows up on the processes and escalates delays to the senior management. The entire process is set in stones."

    Salih Karabulut
    Service and Customer Experience Manager Blog
  • "As E. Deming also says “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Ranging from the call center to the units and branches, the Mi4biz app follows each and every step of the complaint management process and creates reports."

    Mehmet Akgün
    Customer Contact Center Group Manager
  • "We are able to resolve complaints and suggestions on an integrated platform using the Mi4biz app. Managers and executive staff gain clear oversight of the actions and contributions of employees involved in a process."

    Veysel Şanlı
    Customer Service Director
  • "How to strike a balance between the IT and other operational departments? What a IT department of a bank is supposed to do? What should it develop, and when should it try to find external solutions? Why did he choose to get the Mi4biz for the two banks he was managing? Social media- Social life: Is modernity clashing with the tradition? Are you a digital local or digital immigrant?"

    Tanol Türkoğlu
    COO (Technology, Operations, Digital Banking) Interview
  • "Having completed the definition of customer communication processes using the Mi4biz app, we received the ISO 10002:2004 certificate within just 10 days."

    Serdar Demiroğlu
    IT Security and Quality Director

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    Reinvent Customer Services with Mi4biz And Make Your Customers Feel Special People want to be private and now they want a personalized, transparent and relevant experience in all communication channels. If they meet the slightest roughness, they would like to run away without looking back. ...

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    Mi4biz Omnichannel Customer Experience

    Omnichannel customer experience provides a huge versatility to both customers and companies. This innovative approach is particularly preferred in healthcare, financial services, software support, telecommunications infrastructure studies and the retail market. It is possible to ...

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    Bosch Thermotechnik: Importance of Personal Service with Mi4biz

    The Customer Contact Center Manager of Bosch Thermotechnik, one of our customers managing their issues with Mi4biz, conveyed their experiences related with “Omnichannel Communication and Process Management in Customer Services”. -Could you please mention about your success story that you ...

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  • Web Customer Service

    Why Mi4biz Provide The Best Web Customer Service? People now demand a customized, transparent and relevant service in all communication channels. Thus, it is extremely significant that companies offer experiences just to ensure customer loyalty. In this respect, mi4biz web customer service ...

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    Managing Customer Service

    Mi4Biz - A Shortcut between You and Your Customers The main contact point between a client and a company is the Customer Service and managing customer service in the correct way is the key for profit. All kinds of questions, complaint and suggestions should therefore be directed to Customer ...

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    Customer Support Software

    Flexiblity with Mi4biz Customer Support Software Mi4biz Customer support software provides a great convenience to the company in complex works and intense business life. Mi4biz Customer support software allows businesses to efficiently manage their customer issues like complaints, requests ...

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  • Self Managing a Customer Service Software

    We've met Özcan Varna, Allianz Group's Turkey Customer Service Group Head, who told us that following their transition to Mi4biz they have a notification management system owned by a work unit, and added that they adapted Mi4biz to new requirements, new ideas and changing legislation without IT ...

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    Customer Testimonials

    Satisfied customers leave companies using Mi4biz also satisfied. The requests, demands, complaints and suggestions of millions of consumers are managed with Mi4biz. We have compiled the opinions of some of our customers on Mi4biz. We will also continue sharing the views of our other ...

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    Mi4biz Version 6.3 New Features

    With Mi4biz you can build, and amend, as you like your customized customer services structure. Therefore your software keeps being regularly updated. More over Mi4biz, too, is developing rapidly. Announcement that was made regarding the new features built in the 6.3 version include e-mail ...

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