Smart Scripting

To collect solid informations from customers with the right questions...

Prepare your own workflows and resolution processes and minimize errors
AssistFlow Smart Scripting is a software product that configures all workflows and complaint resolution processes at a call center. No issue remains unresolved on this platform where you get to prepare all possible scenarios step by step and save all data to be used for later use. Easily define what information agents need to give customers in what circumstances via pre-configured ready-made texts. Easily match alternative flows with different categories.


High First Contact Resolution
Define different sets of questions and guidances for each subject matter using AssistFlow Scripts to allow your agents to pinpoint customer issues on the spot and resolve them thoroughly!

No Need for Additional Software!
You don't need to write codes with agent smart scripting. You can lead subject to solution and you can raise your First Contact Resolution ratio.

Agents Know What to Do
You can take right informations to your customers with agent smart scripting and you can improve your FCR first contact resolution ratio.