We recognize the software development as an engineering process and apply software production line approach with agile techniques and methods. We keep the skills of our teams sharp and deep with trainings and best practices.

Software Product Line Technology

FormalisTech develops and enhances software products by using iterative and incremental methodologies. In the iterative approach, a version of the product is created in the early stages of project. Each iteration covers main software development stages and is aimed to gain the software product a series of new features and behavior

FormalisTech applies practices such as case driven requirement gathering, user interaction diagrams, object oriented design, UML modeling, solution design workshops in order to develop and enhance products.

FormalisTech performs product development by strictly applying critical engineering principles;
  • With n-layered architect design; presentation, business and data access are isolated.
  • Keeping software product development iterations short and thus ensuring early adaptation to business requirements.
  • Using the service based on loosely coupled techniques in order to provide flexible and scalable software design.
  • Performing functional tests separately by testing & quality management teams, instead of as a part of the development.
  • Providing customers with user friendly interfaces that are easy to use and isolated from the complexity handled in the software development.

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