Enterprise Chat

Answer you customers messages with Helpalive instant message software.

Integrated with Mi4biz for complete customer service management via instant messages.
Helpalive is on the cloud, you can use it without installation, hosting, maintenance and other costs. Just rent as long as you need.


Configure and Customize
You can customize Helpalive to change it interface and configure it change its behaviours.

Design your Own Instant Messenger
Design and customize forms, topics, users, roles, business rules.

Offline Messaging
Customers may leave offline messages when no chat seats are on.

Multi Channel
For different businesses, web sites, sale or support functions; you can utilize Helpalive in different channels.

Know your Customer
Know who are you chatting with and the history with them.

Chat Subjects
Make customer select topics so that related agent will be assigned for the session.

Message Templates
Ready to use templates for each topics, each groups even for each agent.

Concurrent Sessions
Agents may be involved in multiple chat sessiıns.

Chat with Other Agents
Agents may get help from other agents in a separate sessions .

Chat within Organizations
Talk with your colleagues in other branches, shops, regions, partners, vendors.

Report Every Word Every Second
Topic and agent based session and performance reports. And full text search.

Audit Sessions
Supervisors may track or interfere into a session.

Helpalive Gadget
Install the Helpalive gadget for quick notification.

All communication is encrypted for secure instant messaging