Customer Service Management

Mi4biz unifies all communication channels and creates single view of customer.

Mi4biz manages issue resolution process through departments, branches, vendors. For different type of issues, you can design your own workflows and your own interfaces or change them any time without any help from IT or any other vendor. Mi4biz offers Knowledge Base management for users and Self Desk for customers. Mi4biz’s Reports and Dashboards measures service management performances and track KPIs. You can integrate Mi4biz into your business.


Help Desk Design
Capability to design your workflows and your interfaces without any help from the vendor or IT department.

End to End Help Desk
In addition to contact center, all departments across the organization can be engaged to solve issues and requests.

Omni Channel Customer Service
Monitor all channels (call center, web, chat, social media, email, self desk) and create a single view of the customer.

Help Desk On Social Media
Capture customer complaints, problems and requests from Facebook and Twitter and resolve them within Mi4biz.

Integration with other systems
Integration framework to manage events and exchange data with any other system using web services.

Knowledge Base and Self Desk
Help Desk Center for customers to capture and track their issues; instant answers by self desk from knowledge base.

Dashboard and Reports
Real-time analytics that managers can use to measure performances to make informed decisions.

Compliance with Regulations
Compliance with privacy, security and quality standards such as ISO 10002, Safe Harbor, ITIL and COBIT.