Social Media Monitoring

Monitor your profiles, track keywords and tags in social media; so that you will learn who is talking what about you.

Either small or mid size organization or enterprises may use Sommoni to manage their social media relations with agile and easy to use tools.

Be sure about your representations in Facebook and Twitter.


Manage and monitor multiple profiles and pages
Authorized people can monitor and manage your multiple profiles and pages in a single interface.

Save keyword search results as pages
Save keyword search results as pages so that without doing complex searches again and again just by one click get the result.

Reply private messages and mentions
Reply comments, posts and mentions about you in all social media within a single easy to use interface

Converts posts, tweets and comments to issues and assign them appropriate workflows
When a post, comment or tweet need more care than a simple reply then by using Mi4biz integration, you can assign appropriate workflows to resolve issues.

Schedule feature posts and tweets
Schedule Sommoni, It will publish your content in social media at the time and date you planned.

Report everything
Report posts, comments, tweet performances, user performances; track all messages and replies for audits.