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Ozcan Varna
Ozcan Varna
next4biz CSM is a user-friendly application that keeps all the functions that we need in an issue management system (escalation structure, workflow etc.). next4biz CSM is fully customizable. We can manage change requests from our business departments without the help of IT.
Salih Karabulut
Salih Karabulut
After next4biz CSM, we started to inform our customers at every step we take when we receive a demand or a complaint. Thereby we can monitor which department, whom and for how long deals with the customer’s demand. We are able to intervene to the solution at any step. We are able to define the process; design the automated workflow; and monitor in real-time. next4biz CSM reports delays to upper management via escalation chain.
Mehmet Ak
Mehmet Ak
We chose next4biz BPM to meet our several process requirements on a single platform to provide cost advantages. We have executed and continuously improved information technology processes on next4biz BPM.
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