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Customer Relationship Management

next4biz CRM provides smart solutions in the areas of dynamic segmentation, campaign management, digital behavior tracking, task management and sales management.
With next4biz CRM’s Digital Campaign Management, you do not need technical skills to design and there’s no need to wait for an IT department to change or create campaigns. next4biz CRM gives you a clear perspective on how the campaign will go on, and offers personalized digital campaigns for each customer profile.

Understanding human behavior is a complicated task and it is also key to achieving business goals. With the next4biz CRM’s Digital Behavior Tracking you are able to know your audience and their motivations for a successful customer-driven marketing strategy.

You can create and manage Sales Pipelines. With this feature you can design your sales cycle and execute your sales funnel. You can record meeting notes, phone calls, emails, send your proposals, contracts; track every activity including customers digital behaviours.

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Key Features
+ Unified Customer Repository
+ Digital Campaign Management
+ Sales Pipeline Management
+ Digital Behaviour Tracking
+ Task Management
Customer Service Management

next4biz CSM is a process based customer service management software. With automated workflows you can define resolution actions for each type of customer issue. You can monitor your customer service process, measure your performance and customer satisfaction with dashboards & reports.
next4biz CSM, allows you to listen your customers from all communication channels and manage their issues on a single platform.

Mibiz is a none-code platform that enables you to design customer communication and resolution processes by yourself without a technical knowledge.

Our AI-enabled learning engine assists you to classify the customer issues and initiate the resolution process automatically.

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Key Features
+ OmniChannel Communication
+ SelfService & Knowledgebase
+ None-code Process Design
+ Smart Scripting
+ AI & Learning Engine
Business Process Management

next4biz BPM is a complete bpm solution for development and execution of your processes.
Design the business processes rapidly and execute instantly. You can easily design process data and flows without technical knowledge. You can test the process and go to production by yourself.

next4biz BPM provides several techniques for the integration. You are able to integrate your existing web services or data resources without coding.

next4biz BPM enables managers to identify business issues, trends, and opportunities with reports and dashboards and react accordingly.

next4biz BPM process development philosophy is mainly based on ‘Do it Yourself’ principle. It means that you should be able to design and change your processes according to the needs of your business RIGHT NOW and BY YOURSELF. This is what next4biz BPM offers you.

By the help of Rule Engine and Scripting Framework, you can easily add custom behaviors to your processes in minutes.

To explore powerful bpm features and the values that we create in our customers, you may visit next4biz BPM BPM product website now.

Key Features
+ Process Templates
+ Realtime Monitoring
+ Integration Framework
+ Rule Engine
+ Scripting Framework
+ Business Intelligence
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